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Write For The Over 40 Cyclist And Get Priceless Exposure

Writing and cycling professionals can get wide exposure to an enthusiastic audience of older cyclists

write for usWe have a range of people who write articles for both our website and our newsletter. In many cases these are enthusiastic older cyclists who would like to share their story, but in other cases these are professional content writers, professional cycling business owners and cycling website owners.

You might like to write for us too.

We are happy to publish well-written, expert and quality content by others in the cycling field, provided that content would be of interest to older cyclists and hasn’t been published online before.

Anyone with a real insight into issues that affect the older cyclist is welcome to contact us to discuss writing articles for our site.

What the Over 40 Cyclist is about

Our website is aimed at the older person who is probably not a cycling professional, probably not interested in racing, probably needs to lose a little weight and get a little more exercise and who may appreciate how much cycling can improve their social life.

Our readers come from all walks of life with a common interest in cycling. Their ages range right up to as old as you can get.

And our weekly newsletter is eagerly read by our subscribers, with an open rate of somewhere between 80% and 90% (and more). Our readers are enthusiastic.

What’s in it for YOU?

writeThe Over 40 Cyclist is a great place to build your personal brand, website or story. Our contributors are an integral part of our content and each article they write gets their name, and a link to their website in front of enthusiastic older cyclists.

It’s a perfect way for anyone involved in cycling, either as a professional writer or cycling business owner, to promote themselves and their business.

But we do require interesting informative content of interest to older cyclists. Your article isn’t a place to plug yourself, the quality of your content will do that.

So if you’re interested in writing for us contact us, send a short bio, maybe a photo and a link to your website and a short synopsis of what you’d like to write and we’ll talk. Great content is welcome on the Over 40 Cyclist and if you’ve got it we’re happy to put it in front of our audience, along with you and your website.