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Welcome Slightly Older Cyclist

Road cycling is getting more (and more) popular among older people.

Peter Crump Over 40 Cyclist AuthorRoad cycling is a fantastic sport, recreation and social activity. That’s why it’s getting extremely popular among older people.

Road cycling is fun, it’s great low impact easy exercise and it’s a great way to meet new people and share a common interest. And drink a lot of coffee!

Welcome to the Over 40 Cyclist. My name is Peter and I’m the Over 40 Cyclist. I’ve been road cycling since the age of 50 and I love it.

I hope you enjoy this website. If you love road cycling, and you’re over 40, then it’s for you. (Even if you’re under 40 it’s still for you, just don’t tell us your age!)

And please feel free to get involved.  I love hearing stories about how cycling has changed the life of many older people, and I’m happy to publish your story if you’ve got a great story about how cycling has impacted your life as an older person.

So contact me and let me know if you’ve got a great story about how cycling has changed your life.

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