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Bike Pump

One Simple and Cheap Tip To Improve Your Cycling.

What’s the best way to improve your cycling? Perhaps it’s from more training. Maybe it’s from buying those superexpensive deep dish carbon wheels. Maybe it’s from just buying a new bike. Then again have you considered the possibility that something as simple as maintaining a correct tire pressure on your bike may well improve your […]

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6 Tips For Proper Bunch Riding Etiquette.

Bunch riding is an essential skill to learn, but be careful. In this issue: 1. If You Can’t Ride in a Bunch, Then Don’t. 2. Today’s quick tip When I took up cycling, at the age of 50, I did so alone. I wasn’t all that sure that I was going to enjoy it, so […]

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An Introduction to Bunch Riding

Whilst bunch riding can be fun it can also be risky, if you don’t know what you’re doing In one of our upcoming newsletters will be covering the topic of bunch riding, and specifically talking about some of the basic skills you should master, or at least understand, before you even begin to start riding […]

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Welcome Over 40 Cyclist

Join the premiere website and newsletter devoted entirely to the older road cyclist – for free. The Over 40 Cyclist is aimed at becoming the worlds leading website devoted solely to the slightly older cycling enthusiast, and offers a free weekly newsletter packed full of stories, tips, advice and ideas for the person who is […]

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