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Christmas Is Coming, Here’s A Free Gift For Christmas

Christmas isn’t far away, I’m always surprised at how fast Christmas comes. So I thought I’d share a little giveaway with my readers. I’ll explain. Some months ago I was on a group ride when we came across another group ride, one of ours. There had been a fall, a number of riders had come […]

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Helmets Revisited. Should You Or Shouldn’t You Wear A Bike Helmet?

New evidence emerges about the safety value of bike helmets Today’s newsletter is about a subject I’ve talked about before. Helmets. Should you or shouldn’t you wear a helmet when road cycling? I know there is a fierce debate about the issue, with committed advocates of both sides. I’ve read plenty of opinions, and have […]

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Washington Cyclists Can Breathe A Little Easier

Sometimes cyclists and motorists just don’t go together Riding a bicycle can be a hazardous activity, as a bike offers very little protection on the road. Combine this with the fact that, it seems almost all over the world, motorists seem to resent the presence of cyclists on the road, and cycling can be even […]

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Why Do You Wear A Helmet?

Here’s why. Just in case you get hit by a wild antelope. We all wear, or should all be wearing helmets when we ride. Apart from the fact that, in many places, it’s illegal to ride on the roads without wearing a helmet, it’s also a critical piece of safety equipment. Who knows, you might […]

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