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Share Your Cycling Story with a Community of Older Cyclists

Tell our community about how cycling has changed your life

share your cycling storyThe Over 40 Cyclist is a place for a community of older cyclists to get together. Where people come together to share their experience of cycling, whatever it may be, whatever place cycling has in their life and perhaps how cycling has changed their life.

There’s many cycling websites, however few if any, other than this one, cater to the older cyclist who might be a little (or a lot) overweight, who might be a beginner, who might not be interested in racing and who might simply be looking to improve life, get some exercise, have some fun, lose some weight and make new friends.

We hear many stories of how cycling has changed the life of older people. This is where you can hear those stories as well as share your own.

Whether it be your story about getting healthy and overcoming disease, making new friends, learning new skills or anything else, the Over 40 Cyclist is the place to share your story with a community of like-minded older cyclists.

How do you share your story?

Contact us and and tell us a little bit about yourself and a brief synopsis of what you’d like to share. We’ll get back to you to discuss it, find out more about you and find out more about what cycling experiences you’d like to share with our community.

You can share your cycling story both on our website and in our weekly newsletter. Our newsletter is sent out to a wide community of older cyclists who are eager to read about cycling issues, but who also love reading about the experiences of other like-minded older people who have taken up cycling and love it.

Our requirements are simple. If you can write more than 400 words in an interesting style about specific cycling experiences as an older cyclist then we are happy to look at publishing your story, either with or without your name attached, the choice is yours.

Provided it has not been published elsewhere online we’ll publish your story and expose it to our community of enthusiastic older cyclists.

Here’s an example. This is the story of Harris Hickman who, after turning 60, decided to ride the Cross Florida, USA annual Bike across Florida, a 170 mile journey. His story is longer than yours need be, there is no requirement to write a book. But Harris has provided us with a fascinating story of both his preparation and training for this gruelling event, as well as his story about undertaking the ride itself.

So don’t be shy about telling us about yourself. Our readers love hearing about how cycling has impacted your life, it’s simply up to you to share it with us all.