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How To Remove The Rear Wheel On A Road Bike – Fast. The Hubdock

Is removing and replacing your rear wheel your most hated cycling task?

the hubdock

If you’re anything like me you’ll know the frustration of taking one or both wheels off your bike and replacing them. It can be an awkward, frustrating and greasy experience. Particularly removing the rear wheel of your bike, and putting it back.

Doubly so for me, when I take my son cycling I need to remove both wheels on 2 road bikes to get them in the car, replace them when I arrive and then do it all again to go home.

You’d think in these modern times that someone could come up with a better way of removing and replacing the rear wheel on a road bike. Fortunately someone has.

Today’s article is by By Dr. Bruce Thompson, CEO of Liberty Wheel Systems, who have come up with a brilliant new invention called the Hubdock. It allows you to quickly, conveniently and most importantly cleanly to remove the rear wheel of your bike, fast, and replace it, fast.

The Hubdock is currently in development, requiring more funding, and should be in production soon. You can get involved in that if you wish, just check out their website.

I think it will take the cycling world by storm. Here’s Bruce’s article.

The Hubdock by Dr Bruce Thompson

Every once in a while a new product comes along that has the potential to radically alter our view of the sport we love. The HubDock, from the folks at Liberty Wheel Systems is one such product.

Technically there is a lot to like, but it is the simple, functional purity of the HubDock that is the most inspiring. Think back to the last time you experienced a puncture on your rear wheel. You stopped, turned the cranks to put the chain on the proper cog, released the skewer and carefully, as in very carefully,  removed the wheel, being certain not to stress the derailleur or get chain lube all over your hands.


After replacing or patching the tube, you again carefully,  as in very carefully,  guide the cogset into the chain, move the derailleur to allow the skewer to seat properly in the frame lugs, adjust the skewer nut and clamp the wheel in place. Easy, right? Errr – no.

Keeping that process in mind, now imagine this; You stop, open the skewer lever, turn it four times anti clockwise and simply remove the wheel. That’s it,  you’re done. Now you repair or replace the tube, place the wheel back in the frame, turn the skewer lever clockwise until tight, clamp and,  yup, you’re done.

The HubDock clearly has improved functionality. There is no mess. The delicate dérailleur, chain and cogset complex is never touched, thus there is no possibility of inadvertent damage. Chain-cogset alignment is never impacted since they both remain mounted to the frame. And it is fast; less than five seconds off and five seconds on. But that is only the pragmatic part of the story. Technically, the HubDock is a very advanced mechanical design.

To start, the HubDock uses two bearings on each side of the hub. This makes for a more stable axle and improved response to torque. The direct result is that more of the force applied at the cranks is applied to the cogset, and thus to the road. Also due to the wider operating axis, the HubDock is that much more stable in tight, high speed turns. And it is light, weighing in at 415 grams it compares favorably with Mercury, Woods, Shimano, and others.

Next, the cogset is permanently attached to the frame lug, so once the wheel has been installed there is never the possibility of misalignment, so you never need to worry about brake caliper friction. The HubDock is stronger than conventional hubs due to use of more robust materials. The axel is larger in diameter, thus able to withstand greater sheer forces, for example when you need to jump a curb or hit a pothole.

Finally, the HubDock is available for both road and mountain cycles. It has been tested in both road and mountain bike configurations and has performed well. I have ridden the HubDock for some time now and it has performed amazingly. And I am not easy on equipment.

Want a Hubdock? Go to the  HubDock on KickStarter. Once there you can watch a video of the HubDock in use, ask questions or provide feedback to the inventor. Of course you may go directly to Liberty Wheel’s website at or check out the HubDock on Facebook.

Watch the video below to see the Hubdock in action


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