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How To Put Your Chain Back On When It’s Dropped (Grease Free)

Fixing a dropped chain doesn’t have to make for greasy handsput your chain back on

You know what it’s like. Or at least you do if it’s happened to you before.

You’ve dropped your chain. In other words it’s fallen off one or other of the chain rings at the front, it’s hanging loosely, and you’ve had it. You’re not going anywhere.

A dropped chain happens to everyone from time to time. Sometimes it’s because your gears aren’t adjusted quite right, and sometimes it’s just plain bad luck.

You stop. You climb off. If you’re unlucky the bunch keeps riding, and you’re stuck on the side of the road.


The most common response is to grab the chain, pull it back over the teeth and try and put it back on with your hands.

This works, but you end up, on occasions, with grease from fingertips to elbows.

Is there a better way? Yes there is. Watch my video to find out what options you have to put your chain back on grease free.

And it’s even possible to do it without stopping, while maintaining your place

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