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Liberty Wheel System’s Pullit. Little Brother to the Hubdock.

Another article from Dr Bruce Thompson

Hi all. You might remember a while back I put an article by Dr Bruce Thompson about a new invention called the Hubdock. It’s a new way to remove and replace your rear wheel that’s much faster than the traditional way, and grease free.pull it wheel fastener

It looks like they haven’t been resting on their laurels. The Hubdock is designed to make it easier and faster to remove and replace your rear wheel, when you get a flat, or for any other reason.

Not much use when the flat is on the front wheel!

So Liberty Wheels Systems have come up with another winner. It’s a new design for the skewer. You know the skewer, that thingy that goes through the wheel, and you have to loosen it to take the wheel off. Spin it round and round.

Then tighten it back up to put it back on. Too tight, or too loose and you’ve got to do it again!

It’s called the PullIt. Here’s another article by Bruce about the Pullit.

It’s hot today. The trail has a shimmer to it. California can get that way, especially when it’s June and 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade. But that’s no reason to sit inside eating bonbons and watching the Tour de Suisse. So here I am, out on the trail, cruising at a comfortable 18 MPH when BAM – there goes the front tire.

I really hate punctures. But when it’s this hot I really, really hate punctures. So find a shady spot, drift to stop and prepare for the battle of the tube. Of course it could be worse, but my bike is equipped with the latest skewer from Liberty Wheel Systems, LLC, the HubDock people.

Called the PullIt, it means that even though I need to deal with a flat, I don’t have to deal with the safety tabs – or so-called lawyer tabs. That’s because the PullIt automatically opens equally on both sides of the fork, with enough space to simply drop the wheel out.

Why is this important? The UCI has long had a rule that prohibits any modification to equipment. Specifically, Article 1.3.002 states, “A license holder is not authorized to modify, in any way, the equipment given by the manufacturer used in competition.” This year the rule is being enforced, that’s why.


Cyclists generally, and racers in particular, have long made a habit of grinding off the safety tabs in order to make wheel changes faster. This was illustrated recently in stage 8 of the Tour de Suisse. A hapless Katusha rider had a front puncture and pulled over for the change. The mechanic was out of the car soon enough, but then it became hard to watch.

The mechanic, in a typical high stress state, could not get the skewer to clear the tabs. He fumbled with the captive nut and finally removed the wheel. Once done, he had trouble getting the new wheel on due to having to adjust the end nut – not once, but three times! The rider did catch the support train and managed to reintegrate into the peloton, but there is a better way.

The PullIt from Liberty Wheel Systems, completely eliminates this problem. The PullIt skewer has a two-step action that causes both sides of the skewer – the lever hub and the captive nut – to move outward a sufficient distance to clear the safety tabs.

Once the tire has been repaired, the PullIt skewer reattaches with the opposite two-step action and away you go. Another benefit is that once the proper torque has been set, the two-step action allows the lever and nut to return to the exact position it was when the wheel was removed.

I’ll bet a lot that the Katusha rider, and more – his mechanic, would have loved to have that skewer on stage 8.

But I digress. Here I sit thinking about the rider, the mechanic and, oh yeah, how much I really hate punctures. Best get to it. Still have thirty-five miles to ride and it’s not getting any cooler.

Thanks Bruce.

And if you haven’t heard about the hubdock from Liberty yet then check it out, it’s a great idea for a much easier faster way to remove and replace your rear wheel as well. Grab a hubdock for the rear wheel and a Pullit for the front wheel and you’re good to go, fast. (Sadly they aren’t in full production yet, so you’ll need to join their newsletter to find out when you can get one).



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