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Rusted Chain and Cog

Bike Care 101: A Basic Guide To Maintaining Your Bike

4 Important Bike Maintenance Tips Regardless of whether you’ve been cycling for a number of years or you’ve just bought your first bike, it’s important to have a basic understanding of bike care and maintenance. With this knowledge at your disposal you can ensure that your bike remains in a decent condition and offers you […]

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cycling helps the planet

5 Ways Bicycling Helps Your World

We should all be cycling Cultures all over the world choose bicycles instead of cars as their main form of transportation. Concerns over the environment as well as personal health are making this a more popular choice in the United States as well. Cyclists, such as Robert Corsini strongly feel that riding your bicycle not […]

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Johanna Wald

Johanna Wald’s Cycling Story. Cycling at 57

I love stories of how cycling has impacted the life of older people From time to time I get contacts from my readers that tell me about how taking up cycling has impacted the lives of people. I’ve included some of these stories in my newsletters in the past, including the stories of Harris Hickman […]

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rear cassette

Is Your Rear Cassette a Bit of a Mystery?

Learn how your rear cassette works. Because it’s important to know the basics If you’re a beginner to road cycling you may be wondering about how some of the components on your bike work. Like the rear cassette. The rear cassette is that bunch of gears that sits on the hub of your rear wheel […]

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Cateye Bike Lights

Winter is Coming. Get on Your Bike!

Preparing Your Cycling Routine for Winter Guest post by Robert Stracken, (for details see below). With quieter roads and challenging weather conditions not far off the horizon, the idea of biking in winter is many a cyclists’ paradise. From testing new cycling accessories to biking on different terrains, there’s a lot to look forward to this […]

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cycling video

Brilliant Cycling Video About Lance Armstrong. Must Watch.

If you’re interested in the story of Lance Armstrong and cheating, watch this cycling video I’ve always been fascinated by the story of Lance Armstrong. Like many cycling fans I’ve watched in the Tour and followed the controversy. It’s not quite about cycling for the older person, but it’s such a fascinating cycling video that […]

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muscle mass

Are You Losing Muscle Mass As You Get Older?

There’s issues for your body as you age, like muscle mass, bone density and more As you get older your body doesn’t treat you kindly. As you age your body starts to lose stuff. Like bone density and muscles. (And good eyesight, tell me about it!) You know the saying, use it or lose it. […]

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Christmas Greetings to Everyone. All The Best for 2014

Christmas is Here, Happy Christmas and Happy Cycling 1. Christmas greetings 2. My book offer 3. Advertising in the newsletter Greetings everyone, and my best wishes of the season to you all. It’s that time of year again, and I hope everyone has a pleasant Christmas and gets some great bike rides in. I know […]

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