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Winter is Coming. Get on Your Bike!

Preparing Your Cycling Routine for Winter Guest post by Robert Stracken, (for details see below). With quieter roads and challenging weather conditions not far off the horizon, the idea of biking in winter is many a cyclists’ paradise. From testing new cycling accessories to biking on different terrains, there’s a lot to look forward to this […]

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cycling video

Brilliant Cycling Video About Lance Armstrong. Must Watch.

If you’re interested in the story of Lance Armstrong and cheating, watch this cycling video I’ve always been fascinated by the story of Lance Armstrong. Like many cycling fans I’ve watched in the Tour and followed the controversy. It’s not quite about cycling for the older person, but it’s such a fascinating cycling video that […]

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muscle mass

Are You Losing Muscle Mass As You Get Older?

There’s issues for your body as you age, like muscle mass, bone density and more As you get older your body doesn’t treat you kindly. As you age your body starts to lose stuff. Like bone density and muscles. (And good eyesight, tell me about it!) You know the saying, use it or lose it. […]

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What Is An Echelon And How Does It Work?

If it’s windy you need to know what an echelon is If you’re a fan of pro-cycling and watch it on the television then you’ll be familiar with an echelon. The commentators will refer to it and you’ll see it on the screen. So let’s look at what an echelon is in cycling and why […]

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cornering when climbing

How To Take Tight Steep Corners When Ascending

Because there’s techniques involved in ascending, just like descending I’ve recently published a newsletter about descending, and specifically how to take corners when descending. It’s 7 tips for safe and effective cornering. Because a lot of people, particularly beginner road cyclists, find descending and particularly taking corners while descending fast to be quite an issue. […]

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cornering on a bike

7 Cornering Tips For Safe And Effective Cornering On A Bike

Cornering on a bike, if done wrong, can be hazardous. I love descending, and if I guess right so do you. Descending is so much more fun than climbing. Less effort, less work and more exhilaration. However descending can also have its risks, and one of the greatest risks is when you’re cornering. If you’re […]

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The Top 5 Most Scenic Cycling Routes In The UK

The UK has some stunning cycling Whilst I’m not from the UK my wife is, and we spent a month there last year visiting her family. And we took the opportunity to spend a few weeks on a Narrowboat. (For those of you in other countries who aren’t too sure what a Narrowboat is click […]

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