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How to Use Your Gears to Avoid Excessive Wear, (and Save Money)

Here is an important tip for using your gears properlyusing gears cycling

This is one of the most important tips that you can learn about using your gears on the road.

Unfortunately both rear cassette’s and chains wear out, and over time you will find that it is necessary to replace both the cassette and the chain.

However the rate at which you are replacing the cassette and the chain depends on a number of things, some of which are under your control.


One of the things that affects the rate at which your cassette wears and your chain stretches is how you use your gears.

Many people will simply change down on a hill for example, finally getting to the point where they can’t change down any more, then, because they are using the big ring at the front change to the small ring.

This isn’t the ideal way to use your gears for a number of reasons, and so I’ve done a short video telling you a little more about why this causes increased wear on your cassette and stretch on your chain, and how to overcome it.

Not only does this cause increased wear but it can also be ann

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