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How Do You Know When To Replace Your Bike Chain?

Here’s a simple video on monitoring bike chain wear

Without a chain your bike goes nowhere. A bike chain is an essential piece of equipment on any and every bike.

Your bike chain, however, is a consumable. In other words it is one of the items on your bike which needs to be replaced regularly. It is not possible to buy a chain which you can use indefinitely.

Not only do you need to replace your chain from time to time you also need to spend some time servicing it. Of course you can always get the bike shop to do this, but it’s quite simple to clean and lubricate the chain.


Leave your chain too long and it will “stretch”, or, to be quite accurate, will slowly wear and lengthen. And if you let it lengthen too far then it will play up, eventually to the point where your bike becomes unrideable.

So how do you work out when to change your chain? It’s relatively simple, and requires a very low-cost easy to use tool, it’s not necessary to keep taking your bike to the bike shop to monitor your chain wear.

So I’ve done a short video showing you the tool you require, and how to use it to monitor your chain wear.

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