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Here is a Must See Cycling Video

It’s not about road cycling, or older people, but watch anyway

Usually I post material here that I think is most of interest to road cyclists and particularly older road cyclists. I tend to avoid the general cycling material such as the Tour De France, road racing and so on, it is covered very competently elsewhere.

But here’s something that I thought I just had to put up. It’s not about road cycling, it’s not about older people, but it is about cycling.

It’s a cycling video I had to share, slightly off topic but so good I had to share it anyway.

And make sure you watch it fullscreen. 


Worth watching wasn’t it? Thanks to Urban Velo for sharing it


2 Responses to Here is a Must See Cycling Video

  1. OlaoluwaJ2 25/07/2013 at 6:03 pm #

    I started riding in March of this year as a response to a medical report telling me I had elevated cholesterol and border line HBP. I bought a hybrid just to get started as I hadn’t ridden in maybe three decades – I am 46 in October.

    I started slowly and was averaging speeds of 22 and then 25 kph. Suddenly my leg strength went up and I moved to 27kph all on the hybrid. I then bought a Cannondale Synapse carbon road bike (wrong way to go as I know now) on which I proceeded to fall over several times but started achieving average speeds of 30kph. I cracked the frame and I now ride a CAAD 10 road bike built for racing. I am now learning to spin and achieve high cadence. I am building up my leg strength / speed on the small ring now with the intent of being able to achieve pro level speeds in a couple of years (or less).

    The point is I am completely bitten by the speed bug too especially as I also took part in a road race as soon as I had bought the Synapse – average speed of 29.7 kph over a 59 km route inclusive of a couple of climbs.

    I would love to do exactly what is the video and feel so motivated by what is in it. Thanks for sharing. More goalposts in sight!!!

    • Over 40 Cyclist 31/07/2013 at 1:46 pm #

      Hey Olaoluwa, welcome to the club. I ride a CAAD 10 too! Nice bike, I love it.

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