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What Are the Health Benefits of Cycling?

There’s physical benefits of cycling, and mental benefits as well

As you get older your body gets older. We all know that. You look older and your performance drops off.brain health from exercise

Exercise can help reduce the effects of ageing. For me it’s cycling, but as long as you’re getting out there and doing your exercise you’ll be doing your body some serious favours.

But there’s no doubt, from the research, that it’s not just our physical health and physical performance that can decline with age. Our brain health also declines with age, and it’s something that many people don’t give a lot of thought to.

And it is also clear that exercise not only helps reduce the physical effects of ageing but also helps reduce the effect of ageing on your brain. And there’s more you can do to help improve brain health as you age than just exercise.

There is now clear evidence that keeping your blood flowing faster through exercise, as well as exercising your brain, can help reduce the more serious mental effects of ageing.

Personally I do brain exercises, at luminosity, every day. And whilst I can’t point to specific observable improvements I’m confident that keeping my brain more active is better than not.

Exercise can also benefit your life in other ways, and there is also evidence that physical exercise can help improve your mood amongst other things. Particularly for people with depression, a mental condition, there can be significant benefits to doing exercise.

Here is a lovely article about how one person benefits from adding exercise to her life by going cycling.


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  1. Adrian 19/08/2016 at 1:44 am #

    Hi Over 40,

    I started doing some longer distance cycling in the last 10 months after being encouraged by a cycling enthusiast friend. Before that, I didn’t do much regular exercise, and certainly not exercise which last for many hours (50-80km rides). Since then, I’ve noticed I haven’t caught the flu nearly as often as I used to, and the flu doesn’t seem to last as long.

    It’s also nice to see some muscle on my legs. I see so many older men with huge beer bellies and stick thin legs- it’s a miracle they don’t just snap in half.

    Sadly, my weight has gone up as I’m still eating lots of processed foods. But the point is, regular cycling definitely has benefited my health!

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