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How To Fix a Flat Tire Explained (Video)

Fixing a puncture is a crucial skill to learn.fix flat tyre

Once you’ve taken up road cycling there is one problem that I guarantee will afflict you sooner or later. Flat tires.

Everyone gets a flat tire from time to time. There’s ways to minimize the likelihood, but there is no way to eliminate the problem entirely.

Some tires are more puncture resistant than others. I’ve had tires which have lasted for months without a flat. However a completely puncture proof tyre doesn’t exist.

And the more worn the tire the greater the risk of a puncture. In fact if you start to get flats more often the first thing you should look at is how worn your tire is, and consider buying a new one. More frequent flats is your wake-up call to buy a new tire.


But even with a brand-new tire you can still get flats. I had one 2 minutes after buying a brand-new bike, obviously with brand-new tires. I was riding to my first bunch ride with my new bike, went over a broken bottle that some  ………  had thrown on the road the night before, and by the time I arrived at the start of the ride my tire was flat. In fact it needed replacing.

There’s a few things worth learning about fixing a flat tyre on a road bike. It’s not all that difficult, but it’s not entirely easy, so I’ve done a short video giving you a few ideas for fixing a puncture on the road.

There is one tip in the video which of its own is worth the 5 minutes watching. Do this one thing and you will greatly reduce your chances of a second flat on the ride.

And after watching the video, if you haven’t fixed a flat before, g

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