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Interesting videos that the older cycling community may find useful or just a good laugh. Our videos as well as the best of the web’s cycling videos.

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Here is a Must See Cycling Video

It’s not about road cycling, or older people, but watch anyway Usually I post material here that I think is most of interest to road cyclists and particularly older road cyclists. I tend to avoid the general cycling material such as the Tour De France, road racing and so on, it is covered very competently […]

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How Do You Know When To Replace Your Bike Chain?

Here’s a simple video on monitoring bike chain wear Without a chain your bike goes nowhere. A bike chain is an essential piece of equipment on any and every bike. Your bike chain, however, is a consumable. In other words it is one of the items on your bike which needs to be replaced regularly. […]

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How To Climb Hills Better

 Can you  improve your  hill climbing? Just about every road cyclist I know wants to improve. And if they’re honest thing they want to improve most is climbing. I’m no exception, I would like to climb hills better, I hate seeing half the bunch (or more) strung out ahead of me on a hill. Here’s […]

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Cycling Explained To A Cycling Newbie (With Warning)

Wonderful funny cycling video. Watch it with caution Note: STRONG LANGUAGE. If you’re in doubt don’t watch. But if you do it’s a great laugh. How do you go about explaining your cycling to a non cycling partner? You might, or might not, like to explain your cycling like this.  

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Fix Flat Tire

How To Fix a Flat Tire Explained (Video)

Fixing a puncture is a crucial skill to learn. Once you’ve taken up road cycling there is one problem that I guarantee will afflict you sooner or later. Flat tires. Everyone gets a flat tire from time to time. There’s ways to minimize the likelihood, but there is no way to eliminate the problem entirely. […]

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