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Read back issues of our Over 40 Cyclist Newsletters, a free cycling newsletter for the slightly older cyclist.

exercise for older cyclists

Exercise For Older Cyclists, From Philip, At 71!

Philip’s cycling exercise routine for older cyclists Today I’d like to share with you an article written by one of my readers, Philip Venter from South Africa. You might recall that Philip also shared his story with you in a previous newsletter which you can read here. At 71 Philip is doing extremely well on […]

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philip venter

71 Years Young and Still Cycling

How about cycling on a 40 year old bike? Here’s a lovely article written by Philip Venter from South Africa. Cycling at 71, and after some extended health problems. I love how he got back on a bike at 69, and got back on a 40 year old bike. Here’s Philip’s cycling story. This started when […]

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Too Old For Cycling? There’s Always A Way

Can a 65 year old tackle cycling from London to Paris – Off Road, and how? A few months ago I sent out a newsletter about electric bikes. Whilst I know many of my readers are dedicated road bike riders and would frown on any sort of mechanical (or electrical) assistance I also know that […]

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Christmas Is Coming, Here’s A Free Gift For Christmas

Christmas isn’t far away, I’m always surprised at how fast Christmas comes. So I thought I’d share a little giveaway with my readers. I’ll explain. Some months ago I was on a group ride when we came across another group ride, one of ours. There had been a fall, a number of riders had come […]

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Johanna Wald

Johanna Wald’s Cycling Story. Cycling at 57

I love stories of how cycling has impacted the life of older people From time to time I get contacts from my readers that tell me about how taking up cycling has impacted the lives of people. I’ve included some of these stories in my newsletters in the past, including the stories of Harris Hickman […]

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rear cassette

Is Your Rear Cassette a Bit of a Mystery?

Learn how your rear cassette works. Because it’s important to know the basics If you’re a beginner to road cycling you may be wondering about how some of the components on your bike work. Like the rear cassette. The rear cassette is that bunch of gears that sits on the hub of your rear wheel […]

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Christmas Greetings to Everyone. All The Best for 2014

Christmas is Here, Happy Christmas and Happy Cycling 1. Christmas greetings 2. My book offer 3. Advertising in the newsletter Greetings everyone, and my best wishes of the season to you all. It’s that time of year again, and I hope everyone has a pleasant Christmas and gets some great bike rides in. I know […]

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What Is An Echelon And How Does It Work?

If it’s windy you need to know what an echelon is If you’re a fan of pro-cycling and watch it on the television then you’ll be familiar with an echelon. The commentators will refer to it and you’ll see it on the screen. So let’s look at what an echelon is in cycling and why […]

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