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What’s in the news that might interest the slightly older cyclist? Find out.

10 Lessons I have Learned from Cycling

Here are 10 Lessons I have Learned from By Riding My Bike. (Article graciously submitted by Gerald Rhodes. You can find out more about Gerald below.) Cycling affect so many different parts of my life. It helps keep me balanced. It is my method of relaxation, my hobby, my downtime, and my primary mode of exercise. […]

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50 Pounds Lighter and 20 Years Younger

Frank Thompson’s Cycling Story – at 56 I love hearing stories of people who’ve taken up cycling in their later years and found all sorts of benefits that come from it. Frank Thompson is no exception, he seems to have found a stack of benefits from his new sport. This is Frank’s story. Take it […]

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Older cycling in new zealand

870 Kms Cycling Through New Zealand – For 50 To 70 Year Olds

It can’t be easy cycling 870 kilometres through New Zealand, at 70 Today’s article comes from Geoff Phillips from the Auckland Cycle Touring Association which is, in his words, largely made up of older cyclists. Here’s Geoff’s story about one of their recent cycling trips. 870 kilometres through the back country of the South Island […]

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cycling helps the planet

5 Ways Bicycling Helps Your World

We should all be cycling Cultures all over the world choose bicycles instead of cars as their main form of transportation. Concerns over the environment as well as personal health are making this a more popular choice in the United States as well. Cyclists, such as Robert Corsini strongly feel that riding your bicycle not […]

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muscle mass

Are You Losing Muscle Mass As You Get Older?

There’s issues for your body as you age, like muscle mass, bone density and more As you get older your body doesn’t treat you kindly. As you age your body starts to lose stuff. Like bone density and muscles. (And good eyesight, tell me about it!) You know the saying, use it or lose it. […]

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cycling for health and fitness

Cycling For Health And Fitness. Because Who Just Wants Fun?

Cycling is good for your health and fitness. But what exactly are the health benefits? One of the recurring themes that I saw in the answers to my recent survey was that older people who take up cycling are interested in the health benefits of cycling, as well as other things. It seems that many […]

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cycling makes you happy

Cycling Makes You Happy

As little as 10 minutes on the bike can improve your mood I love my cycling. I get out on the bike as much as I can, though less that I would like. Life always gets in the way of good cycling. One of the regular rides that I do is midweek in the early […]

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Carbon Fiber Road Bike

Are Carbon Fiber Bike Wheels Weak? Will They Break?

Carbon fiber wheels for bikes just look weak. But are they? If ever you’ve thought you’d love some of those carbon fiber cycling wheels, but have also thought to yourself that they look a little fragile, then think again. You know the ones. They look great, they look fast, they’re expensive, and you want them. […]

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road bike helmets for sale

Do Road Bike Helmets Really Protect Your Head?

Quite a number of times over the last few months I’ve talked about what is one of my more passionate subjects. Bike helmets. More recently I’ve talked about some of the road bike helmets for sale in the bike shops around me. You’ll see a massive range of different road bike helmets for sale, ranging from […]

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