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Here is where we keep you up to date with the latest that’s happening in the cycling world. Our own articles plus links to other articles that we feel will be of interest to the slightly older road cyclist.

Serious Cycling Training for Older Cyclists

Training, and zone training, for serious older cycling enthusiasts Today’s article is courtesy of Billy Dean, an older cyclist, and one who, I suspect, is way fitter than me. Whilst I tend to cycle for fun and fitness generally Billy is much more concerned with building serious cycling fitness – when you’re older. Here’s his article. It’s […]

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Finishing In The Last 30 Cyclists. But Still A Winner

An epileptic older cyclist tackles a cycling challenge, and wins. Even though he finishes in the last 30 cyclists Lots of older cyclists pursue their love of cycling despite a range of challenges, both health challenges and others. In fact for many cycling is a great way to overcome various personal challenges. I’ve published articles […]

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Cycling Love – Cycling Maui

Frank Thompson’s second cycling story You might have read Frank Thompson’s first cycling story, about how he was 50 pounds (and 20 years) younger after taking up cycling. If you haven’t read that then you can read Frank’s story here. Here’s his second cycling story about cycling Maui. You might remember he’s lucky enough to […]

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jim goodin

I’m Okay, I’m Okay

Jim Goodin’s Story Today’s article is by Jim Goodin, a cyclist at, co-incidentally, the same age as me. 58. Jim has a story that might be familiar to you. Hitting the pavement. It’s happened to most of us, including me, before. And his story doesn’t stop there. I’ll let Jim take it away: Well it […]

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Older road cyclist

Basic Bike Handling Skills For Older Road Cyclists. Start Here

Even older cyclists need to know some basic bike handling skills. Here’s where you begin Whilst cycling is a lot of fun it also has its skills, and for any older person relatively new to road cycling learning some of the basic skills is very important. I remember, not long after I started cycling at […]

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Welcome Slightly Older Cyclist

Road cycling is getting more (and more) popular among older people. Road cycling is a fantastic sport, recreation and social activity. That’s why it’s getting extremely popular among older people. Road cycling is fun, it’s great low impact easy exercise and it’s a great way to meet new people and share a common interest. And […]

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cycling video

Brilliant Cycling Video About Lance Armstrong. Must Watch.

If you’re interested in the story of Lance Armstrong and cheating, watch this cycling video I’ve always been fascinated by the story of Lance Armstrong. Like many cycling fans I’ve watched in the Tour and followed the controversy. It’s not quite about cycling for the older person, but it’s such a fascinating cycling video that […]

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