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If you’re new to road cycling find out what you need to know about it.

Rusted Chain and Cog

Bike Care 101: A Basic Guide To Maintaining Your Bike

4 Important Bike Maintenance Tips Regardless of whether you’ve been cycling for a number of years or you’ve just bought your first bike, it’s important to have a basic understanding of bike care and maintenance. With this knowledge at your disposal you can ensure that your bike remains in a decent condition and offers you […]

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Cateye Bike Lights

Winter is Coming. Get on Your Bike!

Preparing Your Cycling Routine for Winter Guest post by Robert Stracken, (for details see below). With quieter roads and challenging weather conditions not far off the horizon, the idea of biking in winter is many a cyclists’ paradise. From testing new cycling accessories to biking on different terrains, there’s a lot to look forward to this […]

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cornering when climbing

How To Take Tight Steep Corners When Ascending

Because there’s techniques involved in ascending, just like descending I’ve recently published a newsletter about descending, and specifically how to take corners when descending. It’s 7 tips for safe and effective cornering. Because a lot of people, particularly beginner road cyclists, find descending and particularly taking corners while descending fast to be quite an issue. […]

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Female Cyclist

How To Pedal Better. Spin, Don’t Push

Beginners push, pros spin. How to spin your way to improving your cycling If you happen to be a fan of the Tour De France, (and who isn’t), and you happened to see yesterday’s stage on Mount Ventoux where leader Chris Froome broke away from the bunch two thirds of the way up the mountain, […]

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beginner cyclist

Do You Fit Your Bike? Does Your Bike Fit You?

A proper bike fit may well provide a solution if not. I’ve just recently published a newsletter, looking at the question of whether I would buy my bike online. The suggestion I made in that newsletter was that beginners would be better served, in my view, when buying their first road bike, to go to […]

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There Is a Correct Pedalling Technique When Cycling. Here It Is

The right cycling pedalling technique involves more than just pushing down. Like in all sports, there are techniques to cycling. And one technique rarely thought about is to learn about correct pedalling technique. Most people just jump on the bike and start pedalling. If you push down with your feet the bike moves forward. If […]

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the plank abdominal exercise

The Plank Abdominal Exercise Helps Develop Core Strength For Cycling

Doing the plank abdominal exercise can help improve your cycling and your health. You’ve probably heard about the plank. No I”m not talking about building here, but about an abdominal exercise called the plank abdominal exercise. One of the best ways to build your cycling ability is to improve your core strength. In fact that’s […]

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