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What Is Your Bike Saying When It Talks To You?

Yes your bike really does talk to you

When you’re out on a ride your bike sometimes talks to yhead tube rustou. Well it does to me anyway.

Last weekend I did a Saturday ride in the rain. It pretty much rained the whole time. Whilst it’s always nice to get out on a ride sometimes it’s nicer than other times. In the rain isn’t my preferred ride.

But it’s still better than staying at home sitting on the couch.

But at the end of the ride I noticed that my bike was telling me something. It was telling me by showing a brown stain (pictured) at the top of my head tube.

That brown stain told me that something wasn’t quite right inside there. And my bike had talked to me for the previous few weeks too. Occasionally when I picked it up the handlebars didn’t move quite as smoothly as they usually did.

There’s bearings inside the head tube, and the job of the bearings is to facilitate the movement of the handlebars and so on. And I think my bearings need some grease.


That’s why the handlebars were a little sticky. And the brown stain was a sign that the lack of grease was causing a little rust inside the head tube, on the bearings.

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