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What is the Over 40 Cyclist? Who am I?

What is our mission?

Welcome to the Over 40 Cyclist, dedicated to becoming the worlds premiere website and email newsletter purely for the older road cyclist.

You may well be an older cyclist, welcome.

Our mission is to become the worlds leading, and most recognised, resource for the older cyclist, not just for cycling, but for life.

Who am I? My name is Peter, and I’m an Over 40 Cyclist. I’m 55 at the moment. At 50 I was getting a little fat, and a lot unfit, and was looking around for a good option for getting Peter Crump Over 40 Cyclist Authorfit, taking off a little weight, and more, and I hit on cycling. Since I took up cycling at the age of 50 I haven’t looked back.

This website is my mid life crisis. I have a young family, so I can’t just get on a plane and go travelling for a year or 2. I can’t afford to buy a Harley Davidson, (and since taking up cycling I don’t really want one anyway), I can’t find a younger woman, or at least I could try, but I’m sure my wife would complain.

So once you rule all those out my options for a mid life crisis that fitted in with me and my family came down to this, publishing a website about cycling, my favorite pastime.

I’m not an expert cyclist, I don’t race, I don’t own a bike shop and I don’t have anything to do with the bike industry. But I do have a passion for the sport, and a conviction that for the older person cycling is the perfect pastime, and a passport to better fitness, better health and a better social life.

My aim with this website is to offer my readers a free newsletter every week packed with all sorts of cycling stories, tips and ideas for anyone who is over the age of 40 and who loves cycling, or who would like to take it up. (You can also follow me on Facebook too. Just “Like” the page and you’ll get regular updates.)

You don’t need to be super fit, you don’t need to race, you don’t need anything to join my newsletter other than a love of cycling, and a thirst to learn more about it. Oh, and to be older than 40.

I certainly don’t claim to be enough of an expert on cycling to write all my own material, and I’m not that full of myself to believe I could. Rather I like to find other contributors, including expert contributors who shall, from time to time, contribute the material that shall go in my newsletters.

Please join my newsletter, it’s quite free, and as we build up a huge community of readers, and contributors, it shall become an indispensible weekly read for the older cyclist.