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The Over 40 Cyclist is aimed at becoming the worlds leading website devoted solely to the slightly older cycling enthusiast, and offers a free weekly newsletter packed full of stories, tips, advice and ideas for the person who is about to take up road cycling, or has recently taken up road cycling, and isn’t quite so young any more.

That might be you. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take up road cycling. Maybe you used to cycle many moons ago, but family/kids/work/life just got in the way. You don’t race, maybe you don’t know anything about cycling, perhaps you don’t even have a bike.

In all cases this website, and our weekly newsletter, is for you.

Road cycling is one of the worlds fastest growing sports, particularly amongst baby boomers. Statistics show that in many countries sales of bikes are outpacing sales of new cars. Just look in your local coffee shop on a Sunday morning, chances are you’ll see a bunch of slightly older cyclists all dressed in lycra enjoying their after ride coffee.

For anyone with a few years under their belt cycling is the perfect recreational and exercise activity. It’s low impact, it’s huge fun, it’s great exercise and it’s one of the most social activities you can engage in.


As medical science expands we are more and more frequently being told about the health benefits of regular exercise. From weight to cancer to heart to brain health, it seems everything benefits from more exercise.

But for the older person getting regular exercise isn’t so easy. Jogging is hard on the knees, swimming gets pretty tedious and the gym can be a little unfriendly to the older person, and expensive.
Road cycling for baby boomers
But cycling is a breath of fresh air for the slightly older person. It is a non impact sport, it’s fun rather than tedious and it’s one of the best activities that you can do that combines exercise and getting social.

That’s why you see more people, of all ages, on our roads every day cycling with their friends for fun, exercise and good health.

Here at The Over 40 Cyclist we are recognizing the benefits of cycling for the slightly older person by publishing a weekly free newsletter devoted entirely to cycling for the over 40. It’s intended for all those new or budding road cyclists, baby boomers who have recognised, or suspect, that road cycling is the perfect new activity for them.

It’s packed full of cycling articles, tips, ideas and stories for every over 40 cyclist, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a cycling newbie. And there’s a few tips and ideas to help improve your life as a slightly older person more generally as well.

Whether you’re in your 40’s 50’s 60′ 70’s or even 80’s (or older) cycling is the perfect sporting activity and exercise for you, and our Over 40 Cyclist free newsletter is the perfect way to keep on top of the latest in your favorite sport.

So why not join our newsletter, (above). It’s quite free, and it’s for you.

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